Monday, June 26, 2006

worthy of your help?

"Do not judge who is worthy and who is unworthy, for it is possible for you to be mistaken in your opinion. In the uncertainty of ignorance it is better to do good to the unworthy for the sake of the worthy than to fail to encounter the good by guarding against those who are less good. For by being sparing and trying to test those who are well-deserving or not, it is possible for you to neglect some who are loved by God, the penalty for which is the eternal punishment of fire. But by helping all those in need you in turn must assuredly find some who are able to save you before God . . ."

Clement of Alexandria
, a Christian teacher and, quite probably, an elder; @185 A.D
Source: Inheriting Wisdom: Readings for Today from Ancient Christian Writers by Everett Ferguson, pp.286