Saturday, August 19, 2006

Renovation Q & A

Q. When will MoSt Church's auditorium renovation begin?
A. This coming Mon., Aug. 21.

Q. What work will be done?
A. The auditorium will be completely re-painted and re-carpeted. All of the pews will be replaced with brand new pews and the the pulpit furniture will be refurnished. The ceiling will be re-painted.

Q. What color will the new carpet be?
A. I don't know; I haven't been told. It won't be green and white shag.

Q. Will we get additional lighting in this renovation?
A. Our auditorium is a bit "dark" right now and some of that is simply due to the fact we have a number of bulbs out in the chandeliers (perhaps 10+%). New paint will brighten the room a bit, too. And yes, in addition, we are looking into ways to get more light out of the existing fixtures, whether it be direct from the chandeliers or indirectly from the fluorescent bulbs to assist in reading and to make things generally more 'cheerful.'

Q. What will happen to the old pews?
A. We have no use for them here; they will be carried way by the company providing the new pews.

Q. Why did we purchase new pews?
A. A number of our existing pews are in fairly good condition, but there are a number that have definitely seen better days. After quite a bit of research we learned that the cost of refurnishing the old pews would be only slightly less expensive than new pews. In addition, the new pews will come with a 25 year warranty whereas refurnished pews would have only a one year warranty.

Q. Is it too late to donate toward this renovation work?
A. By no means are you too late to contribute toward this effort. You need only place your contribution in an envelope, clearly mark it (along with your check) as going to the auditorium renovation work and drop in the offering plate. If you would like to purchase a pew in memory of someone, the cost of a pew is $1,400.

Q. How is this renovation being funded?
A. We have had one special collection back in May to defray a portion of the cost of this renovation. That collection ($26,000+) covered about 25% of the estimated cost. There will be another special collection in just a few weeks so do make plans now to help with such then if possible.

Q. How long will the work go on?
A. About six weeks is what is forecast (Aug.21 - Oct.10).

Q. Where will we worship on Sundays?
A. We'll gather at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. in the Annex.

Q. What about seating in the Annex? Is there room?
A. There will be room, yes. We'll have seating set up for very close to 300 people. We have 75 chairs on order. We'll be a little "cozier" than we are in the pews and there won't be any extra room for us to be a "holey" people so it is very important for you not to leave an empty seat between yourself and the next family. Adjust your perception of "personal space" accordingly the next few weeks and deliberately "welcome one another."

Q. How will we be seated in the Annex?
A. Bill Ehlig has done a superb job of designing a layout that maximizes the number of people the Annex can accommodate while still allowing for freedom of movement and easy access/exit. We'll be facing north (with our backs to the kitchen) and the chairs will be set up in three sections with the two flanking sections angled slightly in. During the Sunday evening assemblies (5:00 p.m.) we'll close the accordion doors off to the back third of the Annex.

Q. What about projection and books?
A. We will have video projection as we normally do for announcements, songs and during the sermon. Neither songbooks or pew Bibles will be available.

Q. What about audio translation of the sermon into Spanish?
A. We're checking into that and hope to be able to continue that ministry during this time of re-location.

Q. Where will the Sunday 9:00 auditorium class meet?
A. In the "Big Room" of our Annex as of Sun., Aug.27.

Q. Where will the 20/20 class meet?
A. Starting on Sun., Aug. 27, 20/20 will meet in the Annex kitchen while the renovation work goes on.

Q. Where will the coffee pot and donuts be located?
A. Starting on Sun., Aug. 27, the ol' watering hole will be relocated from the Annex kitchen to the Annex foyer while the renovation is in progress.

Q. Will there be other adult classes that will be relocated?
A. We do not think such will be necessary at this time. Plan on the usual times and locations, but be open to the need for flexibility should the need arise.

Q. Will Kids for Christ continue, and if so, where? Will any childrens classes be relocated?
A. KFC will continue unchanged in time and location during the renovation. The renovation should not affect any of the childrens classrooms, either.

Q. Where will the nursery be?
A. The nursery will continue unchanged in time and for our Sunday morning assemblies; however, it will be moved elsewhere on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights and that location could be a bit flexible. Contact Linda Howard for details.

Q. Will the baptistery be usable during the renovation?
A. During much, if not all of the work, yes. If for some reason it is not available; however, our sister congregations have facilities available to us.

Q. Will there be a Wednesday night meal during the renovation work?
A. The Wednesday night meal will be suspended during the renovation work, but it will resume when the work is completed.

Q. What of the Wednesday night auditorium class?
A. That class will meet in the Annex's "Big Room" starting this coming Wed., Aug.23.